My Photographs (Listed by Species)

      Here are some photos I have taken of butteflies and moths which I have been fortunate enough to find here in Georgia and in a few other countries during my brief visits. There are many species which haven't been as friendly to the camera, and still many more which I haven't yet seen.

      Choose a group from the list below and click its picture. You can then choose from the list of all species belonging to this group.

Rhopalocera (Butterflies)
  Papilionoidea (True Butterflies)
  Lycaenidae (Harversters, Coppers, Hairstreaks, and Blues)   Nymphalidae (Brushfoots)
  Papilionidae (Swallowtails)   Pieridae (Whites and Sulphurs)
  Hesperioidea (Skippers)

Heterocera (Moths)