My Photographs: Lycaenidae (Harversters, Coppers, Hairstreaks, and Blues)
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Lepidoptera (Rhopalocera) : Papilionoidea : Lycaenidae

  Lycaena phlaeas
(Small Copper)
 Miletinae (Harvesters)
  Feniseca tarquinius
 Polyommatinae (Blues)
  Cacyreus marshalli
(Geranium Bronze)
  Celastrina argiolus
(Spring Azure)
  Everes comyntas
(Eastern Tailed Blue)
  Zizina labradus
(Australian Common Grass Blue)
 Theclinae (Hairstreaks)
  Calycopis cecrops
(Red-banded Hairstreak)
  Satyrium calanus
(Banded Hairstreak)
  Satyrium liparops
(Striped Hairstreak)
  Satyrium titus
(Coral Hairstreak)
  Strymon melinus
(Gray Hairstreak)