My Photographs: Hesperioidea (Skippers)
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Lepidoptera (Rhopalocera) : Hesperioidea : Hesperiidae

 Hesperiinae (Branded Skippers)
  Amblyscirtes aesculapius
(Lace-winged Roadside Skipper)
  Ancyloxypha numitor
(Least Skipper)
  Euphyes dion
(Dion Skipper)
  Hesperia meskei
(Dixie Skipper)
  Hylephilia phyleus
(Fiery Skipper)
  Lerema accius
(Clouded Skipper)
  Lerodea eufala
(Eufala Skipper)
  Panoquina ocola
(Ocola Skipper)
  Panoquina panoquin
(Salt Marsh Skipper)
  Poanes zabulon
(Zabulon Skipper)
  Polites vibex
(Whirlabout Skipper)
 Pyrginae (Open-winged Skippers)
  Achalarus lyciades
(Hoary Edge)
  Epargyreus clarus
(Sliver-spotted Skipper)
  Erynnis brizo
(Sleepy Duskywing)
  Erynnis horatius
(Horace's Duskywing)
  Erynnis juvenalis
(Juvenal's Duskywing)
  Pholisora catullis
(Common Sootywing)
  Pyrgus communis
(Checkered Skipper)
  Thorybes pylades
(Northern Cloudywing)
  Urbanus proteus
(Long-tailed Skipper)