My Photographs: Nymphalidae (Brushfoots)
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Lepidoptera (Rhopalocera) : Papilionoidea : Nymphalidae

 Apaturinae (Hackberry Butterflies)
  Asterocampa celtis
(Hackberry Butterfly)
 Danainae (Milkweed Butterflies)
  Danaus plexippus
 Heliconiinae (Heliconians)
  Agraulis vanillae
(Gulf Fritillary)
  Euptoieta claudia
(Variegated Fritillary)
  Heliconius charitonius
(Zebra Longwing)
 Libytheinae (Snouts)
  Libytheana carinenta bachmanni
(American Snout)
 Limenitidinae (Admirals)
  Limenitis archippus
  Limenitis arthemis astyanax
(Red-spotted Purple)
 Nymphalinae (Brushfoots)
  Chlosyne nycteis
(Silvery Checkerspot)
  Junonia coenia
  Nymphalis antiopa
(Mourning Cloak)
  Phyciodes phaon
(Phaon Crescent)
  Phyciodes tharos
(Pearl Crescent)
  Polygonia comma
(Eastern Comma)
  Polygonia interrogationis
(Question Mark)
  Vanessa atalanta
(Red Admiral)
  Vanessa virginiensis
(American Lady)
 Satyrinae (Satyrs and Wood-nymphs)
  Cyllopsis gemma
(Gemmed Satyr)
  Hermeuptychia sosybius
(Carolina Satyr)
  Heteronympha merope merope
(Australian Common Brown)
  Megisto cymela
(Little Wood-Satyr)
  Pararge aegeria
(Speckled Wood Butterfly)